Unique - Weimaraner of Mauritius

weimaraner-blue Queen Lillyfee - an elegant representative of her breed!

Elegant appearance, Noelle beings

Queen Lillyfee - The Blue Weimaraner dog is "World Champion, European Champion, National Champion".

"A special representative of your race!. Suitable for breeding."


These awards were presented at various exhibitions Lillyfee Queen of experienced adjudicators from the castle tower on various high profile events in germany.


Grew up in a family environment and not from the hunting breeding queen Lillyfee is a special representative of your race "Weimaraner blue". The general usage is Blue Weimaraner. The silky shimmering slate gray color is called in the jargon as blue. The color comes to electronic devices, photographs and illustrations are not as good as over in the monitor.


In the photo album we show some images that we have photographed in the last few years. Have fun!


PS: At the request of some readers, we ask some of our great Weimaraner picture soon as the screen saver available. - For your information: We continually update our website and look forward to when you will soon see here again.



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