Blue Weimaraner puppies are unique and learn quickly.

weimaraner blue Abigail - This great blue Weimaraner dog is thriving as a young dog.
Abigail - This great blue Weimaraner dog is thriving as a young dog.

8 February 2012 were born to sweet little Weimaraner puppy.


They come from a non-hunting breed. Puppies are usually after 8-9 weeks - yet - we also to hunters.


Blue and Silver Weimaraner of Mauritius, are small, sweet Weimaraner from our loving family breeding. We place great emphasis on health, temperament and character of our Weimaraner. It is advisable to reserve a puppy today.


All puppies from our kennel get to the litter control papers from the popular RFD e.V. Germany – Rassehunde Freunde Deutschland e.V.


At the time the little ones a pedigree, an EU passport and have been examined by a veterinarian, microchipped and 4x dewormed with different preparations.


The tail is not docked our Weimaraner puppy, because our goal is to grow the Weimaraner as family and companion dogs, and this is a top priority.


Visit our small Weimaraner and let get to know us personally. We are looking forward to give our puppies in good hands!


If you are interested in this particular Weimaraner, please contact shortly.


The color of the blue dogs is rare and it is particularly difficult to sustainably grow the color. If we have aroused your interest, you have time, we will be happy to reserve a puppy from a litter. One was said here: We do not mass breed, a dog can only be assigned once a year and then if the dog has received, is by no means certain. It is everything of course!


A careful selection of new dog owners is essential and inevitable.

Lillyfee Quee - Blue Weimaraner puppy at the age of 14 weeks.

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