"Blue Weimaraner" - elegant and exclusive, the "Kennel of Mauritius"

Queen Lillyfee - Blue Weimaraner dog. Queen Lillyfee - Blue Weimaraner dog.

As a passionate lover of this particular Blue Weimaraner dogs, we have set ourselves the task to breed loving, elegant, Bonny Blue Weimaraner in the family environment.


The kennel name "Mauritius" is no coincidence, but should reflect the special characteristics and uniqueness of this breeding line.


The "Blues" are a part of our family and have adapted well, developed and are lovingly integrated into our family with children.


Your loving way in dealing with the family, distinguishes the breeding line and attitude. This - not hunting - drawn Blue Weimaraners are unique to us.


All family members are concerned with the dogs. Thus, a balanced amount of exercise with employment and tasks is part of the daily routine.

weimaraner blue Shadow - Blue Weimaraner dog

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