Weimaraner - the very specific breed of dog

Dynamic and powerful in the movement.

Classification: Pointing continental type Braque


General Appearance: Medium-sized to large size hunting dog of elegant appearance, strong and muscular.


Coat: The Weimaraner exist as a short-hair or long-hair Weimaraner. Weimaraners are colored gray, which can be either the mouse gray, silver gray and roe gray. The rare blue color variant, called "Blue Weimaraner" is rather rare in Germany.


Ears: Broad and rather long, reaching around the corners of the mouth. It is tall and narrow, round at a point.


Eyes: Amber eyes give the Weimaraner an almost human look and it has a special effect. In the first months of life, the eyes are still like blue water.


Tail: For the breed that is aligned to the hunting, the rod are docked. Docking of rods to approximately 2/3 of the length of the rod to protect the hounds from injuries in hunting use.


Withers: boys 59-70 cm, girls 57-65 cm


Weight: boys 30-40 kg, 25-35 kg girls


Country of origin: Germany


Life expectancy: 12-14 years


Character of Weimaraners: The distinctive coloring of the coat and the elegant appearance is the reason that the Weimaraner is in vogue and many people are interested on him. In America, the Blue Weimaraner is more widespread than in Europe.


Unfortunately is often hidden in a selection according to the appearance that the Weimaraner was bred on hunting performance for over 100 years and therefore brings properties that have high requirements for its attitude and leadership. Therefore the Weimaraner is very robust and not susceptible to disease. For generations, our blue Weimaraner is healthy and is free of HD.


Usually, each hunting dog is also a family and companion dog. However, it is only suitable for family, if he has sense and is absolutely consistent educated.


Therefore, in many animal shelters and Classifieds Weimaraner hunting dogs to find out hunting breeding lines whose holders were overwhelmed.


A good socialization and integration into a clear "family pack" are important prerequisites for all Weimaraner dog owners and their leaders.


Breed: The Weimaraner prior to the introduction of other genes of other races protected. Once it is crossed with any other breed, the children lose their aristocratic features: no coat of one color and no amber eyes.

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