The training

Training, here with the help of the towline.

Especially the Blue Weimaraner is a versatile and biddable companion and family dog ​​that can cope with its demands placed on him confidently with appropriate training.


In addition, the special Blue Weimaraner girl "Queen Lillyfee" is passionate agile, but not equipped with an "exuberant temperament".


It is so typical of the breed for your characteristics, perseverance and regularity with tractability pronounced.

A hectic and overpassionate lifestyle is not our breeding aim. It also records the selected Blue Weimaraner dog "Shadow", the father of the A-/B-litter of the Kennel of Mauritius, clearly.


Despite this versatility, the Blue Weimaraner about breed-specific properties that are appreciated by connoisseurs and lovers of the breed, but has absolutely prospects before a purchase intention of a puppy should be known.


First, the Weimaraner is distinguished from a sometimes almost intrusive devotion to his leader and the people known to him. This results in the the race, which brings a lot of joy with consistent training and attitude.


The characteristic of the unflagging retrieve and bring joy are often typical of the Blue Weimaraner. Common feature is the inclination of the Blue Weimaraners to work with a deep nose. Precisely this behavior is for Weimaraner mentally exhausting and demanding.


Characteristic for the Weimaraner is a manifestation of the close ties to people, family and house of the owner or leader is also the most "inbred" protective instinct. Just this race-specific natural system, which makes the Weimaraner appear suitable for the protection of service, but must always be taken into account both in training and in the attitude when it should not lead to serious issues. It is in any case advisable an experienced dog training school and later a companion dog training - not in the early stages of training - to visit. Please always bear in mind here, the Blue Weimaraner takes time, consistent action and lots of love.

Meeting other dog handlers.

Finally, there are these "mental and emotional" characteristics not already precocious Weimaraners, coupled with a consistently high intelligence, to which a leader should coordinate the training. On stupid "Surprise" therefore he often responds with complete denial.

A weimaraner wants to be respected, but treated consistently loving and not relegated to mere "order takers".


If one considers this in the training and the attitude is precisely the blue Weimaraner is a noble, loyal companion forever - just for a lifetime!

Consistent leadership is essential!
Praise is an important element that is very underestimated the blue Weimaraner.
Queen Lillyfee was prepared in training for unusual sounds and situations. Nothing is worse than an accident of a young, unexperienced dog., e-mail:; English; Weimaraner - Education