The "Blue Weimaraner girl"

Queen Lillyfee - Unique

Queen Lillyfee waits attention to your next task. Queen Lillyfee waits attention to your next task.

On 6. November 2009, Queen Lillyfee born in Germany, the daughter of the legendary Queen Lillyfee Blue Weimaraner sire in Germany and world champion "Garvin vom Schloßturm" in a small litter of four puppies.


Maternal comes Lillyfee Queen of Lena, from the under Weimaraner breeder known Kennel "vom Monasteria".


In the best puppies 8 weeks of age, Queen Lillyfee came to us and has become a real personality. Queen Lillyfee lives in our house, in the middle of our family and is a part of it.


Queen Lillyfee is particularly fond of children, but also careful and vigilant in and around the house. Since you come from a non-hunting bloodline, can you describe as family friendly. She is agile, loves to play and takes on tasks like the one you provide., e-mail:; English; Queen Lillyfee